Keynote Video?

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This video is lots of fun—and it is in Spanish. That should make more than a few of you happy!

But first, a little background: Isabel was supposed to be in Chile last month to present a keynote speech at an event for the Minister of Education. Sadly, however, the invitation got lost in the mail. So instead of showing up in a last-minute rush and cursing babies (I’m referencing Sleeping Beauty here…Anyone?), she graciously offered a keynote video presentation instead.

In the end, I think the Bibliotecas Escolares CRA Ministerio de Educación got the better deal than if Isabel had actually shown up in person. Here you see her in her home and have a chance to learn more about her than you would if she were speaking from a podium.

The crew from Luna Productions that filmed the spot showed up with just a day’s notice and shot the whole video in virtually one take. Despite the short notice, they did a great job. Plus—and this is always a good thing—they were really nice, even in the face of any and all last-minute chaos. As you can see from the photos below, everyone had a great time.

Check out Luna productions for your next videographic sojourn!

P.S. How did it go with Willie? On the whole…pretty good. He seems calmer, it could be all the travel? I am not sure. I will post photos of the witch doctors soon, I promise!

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