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Willie with a potato martini

Willie is headed to Argentina this week to see some witch doctors. First tigers, now witches. Willie is nothing if not adventurous. Here he is at a little farewell/birthday party Isabel had for him at Servino in Tiburon. Notice the hat? Who wears a hat like that? Men from movies set in San Francisco in the 40s, that’s who! He looks like a Dashiell Hammett character with something to hide.

Ah, Willie…Whenever I proclaim my love for Willie on the blog, which is often, I get a bunch of hate mail from women who claim to have seen him first! Yeah, well, get in line because Isabel is fierce and, hey, I see the man almost every day so I have an advantage. I’m pretty sure Isabel will not read this, and even if she does, she will likely skim over it and miss my overt proclamations of love for Señor Gordon. In any case, if she does read this, and somehow picks up on my meaning, I am certain she will simply ignore me like she has so many times before. Sigh…I will muddle through somehow.

Willie is going away for ten whole days! That is a long time to be away from all of us. I hope the witch doctors in the wilds of Argentina can help him out. He promised me photos, so I will post what I can next week. Photos and more about the reason for the doctors as well. Fingers crossed he comes back at all. When was the last time someone you knew set off to see a witch doctor? But now, to me, it just seems like a normal thing to do.

This is pretty much what I imagine he is walking into….

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