The Elevator!

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So, Isabel is getting an elevator in her house. Yes, an elevator…As a child growing up in a very small town in California, a typical first-grade field trip was to the county courthouse, where the highlight of the trip was the elevator. Yes, it was all very exciting: We all got to squeeze into the tiny elevator and ride it up to the fourth floor of the tallest building in town, then back down to the lobby, and then—wait for it—we got to go into the jail cell, which was also in the building. But that’s another story, one I will save for when Isabel puts a jail cell in her house.

But back to Isabel’s elevator. Why an elevator? Well, there is Isabel’s mother, who visits from Chile, and there are her many friends who are in wheelchairs. Then there is the dog, Olivia. She hates the stairs—hates them!!! So I get it. I would put an elevator in my own little house if it were financially feasible, since I understand elevators are not cheap. Not only that, they need to be inspected by officials in charge of that sort of thing.

When the elevator is installed I will take a video of it, starting from the ground floor and continuing all the way up to the main hallway. Trust me, it is going to be so cool, way more fun than the dumbwaiter!

In the meantime, here is a photo of the courthouse in my hometown.

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