Empty Nest Syndrome

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Some of the beautiful boys heading off to seek. Photo taken by Elizabeth Share.

So they are all gone. Well, almost. A few stragglers here and there, but on the whole they—Isabel and Willie’s grandchildren and their friends—are off. Off to college in fabulous places like New York and Boston and Southern California. Beautiful boys and girls off to seek their fortunes in life—or maybe just to seek.

Before they said goodbye, Isabel hosted one last pool party. She seemed contemplative, a little wistful even. She truly does love watching them all. In all the years I have known her, I have never actually seen Isabel swim. Once she was thrown into the pool along with thirty or so other partygoers, but that doesn’t really count. (She was wearing a silk dress and had on full makeup and jewelry.) Many cell phones were lost that day, but it was memorable. In a good way.

What was my point? Ah, yes. Why a pool party if Isabel herself does not swim? Because she loves watching others enjoying themselves in the water—kid soup, as she calls it.

Now, of course, with everyone gone, she can fully immerse herself in…no, not the pool, but her next novel, which I am strictly forbidden to even mention. Oops.

On that note, I’ll end with a teaser about next week’s blog. It’s either going to be called “Willie and the Witches” or “How We Lost Willie”. Either way, stayed tuned for observations from within.

Isabel watching the kid soup.

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