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My Invented Isabel is the REAL Isabel Allende blog. Others exist, but rest assured I actually KNOW her and she sort of approves of what I write. I say sort of because sometimes I am not sure what she is saying when she yells at me in Spanish. Initially, I’ll be posting quite a bit, since we have a lot to catch up on. September was a very exciting month around here and we want to share it with you. The Chilean miners, who have been buried underground since the summer, are scheduled to come out today, and Isabel is particularly thrilled, having just “visited” them while in Chile. Also, there are a bunch of awards floating about the office. It is hard to keep track of them all…There is a lot going on and the pace is picking up. The plan is to post updates every Wednesday, so stay tuned. Coming next week, a visit with Mario Vargas Llosa, the recent recipient of the Nobel Prize for Literature, and more about Olivia, the shy, dark creature that meanders through Isabel’s life…

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