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Cookies 2013

We did it again. We had a cookie party! It was nuts….and butter! Why do we do it? Well, we make a lot of cookies—that is part of it—but this year it dawned on me that it’s more about an amazing group of women who gather once a year to bake together and tell stories […]

Cookie Time

It’s that time of year again—the cookie gathering. For the past six years we have gathered in Isabel’s kitchen to bake holiday cookies. We each bake a couple of batches of our favorite recipes and then divvy up all the cookies to share with our families, friends and neighbors. It’s the one holiday gathering I […]

Damn Cookies!

We baked something like four thousand cookies at our annual Angels Baking gathering on Saturday. After it was over a flurry of emails went out saying how great the day was and how much fun it had been spending time with one another. There was a general patting on the backs of friends and the […]

Crazy December

What a crazy month it has been, everything that could change did and every plan that was made shifted. Best to bend like the reed as they say. Isabel’s 95 year old mother, Panchita had a fall that resulted in a broken hip and suddenly Isabel was whisked off to Chile to be with her […]

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