A Farewell With Love

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Isabel and Sarah in New York at the Center for Reproductive Rights Gala 2014

Thank You And Goodbye!

This will be my last post for “My Invented Isabel.”

The blog has been going for eight years now, and even though it has been really fun and collaborative, we have decided it is time to wrap things up.

Over the last several months, we’ve found that we want to focus more of our time and energy on The Isabel Allende Foundation and the work our grantees are doing. Their efforts are amazing, especially in the face of the harsh intolerance toward migrants and their families that we’re seeing on the political front.

I want to thank Lauren Cuthbert for tirelessly editing my posts and correcting my spelling; she is a wonderful editor. Thank you also to Chandra Ramirez, Candy Pilar Godoy, Marcelo the Chihuahua and Nicole Frias for writing some fun guest blogs. Many thanks as well to Mónica Niedermeier, Adriana Martin and Gabriela C. Galtero, who have helped us translate the posts into Spanish over the years.

And of course…a big and heartfelt thank you to our many readers. I have appreciated your comments and notes of encouragement.

My biggest thank you goes to Isabel, who has allowed me to write freely about her and her antics…not to mention photograph her more than once in compromising situations. That said, I’ve rarely let something go live that she hadn’t seen and approved, and working on the blog with her over the years has been one of the joys of my job here.

The good news is that as we cut back our office tasks, the blog included, we will be able to do more of the other work we love. For more information on that other work, check out The Isabel Allende Foundation.

Thanks so much for following along all these years, and please keep in touch with Isabel and the rest of us on Facebook.

I’m ending with a favorite photo of the two of us, taken some time in 2010 with Isabel standing on a stack of her books and in heels, I am still just a little taller than she is.


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