In the Midst of Winter, a Tour

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Isabel and Lori are finally home after a whirlwind tour for Isabel’s latest novel, In the Midst of Winter. Needless to say, both of them are exhausted! But not so exhausted that they can’t share some of their favorite memories, highlighted below in photos. I have been a desk-chair traveler throughout, and have enjoyed as these pictures have poured in from across the United States.

With Paul Olsewski and Johanna V. Castillo, Isabel’s publicist and editor respectively

Chop chop! Isabel hasn’t got all day. Lori takes great candids.

It’s an Isabel and Michael Krasny love fest in the studio right before Forum on NPR

Another love fest, this time with long beloved friend and Isabel Allende Foundation donator Adais Marvez, a beautiful woman!

More love! With Sasha Chanoff Founder and Executive Director of RefugePoint.

Ohh, whose that? Just Amy Goodman, host of Democracy Now, another of our heroes.

Yes! You should definitely get that! I would pay good money to see you comfortable in a sweatshirt!

With Bill Tipper of B&N

With her dearest friends Sarah, Elizabeth, Kavita, Carla and her granddaughter Nicole.

In conversation with best selling author Luís Alberto Urrea.

With Mitchell Kaplan the owner of Books & Books in Miami.

Isabel pretending to know anything about chess in Saint Louis.

With Irene Sanchez from Telemundo

With Aureliano Salgado from Noticias Univision.

With Alessandra Martin from Despierta Chicago.

With the amazing Nancy Northrup, president of Planned Parenthood and hero to us all.

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