In the Midst of Winter, Summer in Spain and Italy!

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Isabel has just returned home from the first leg of her book tour in Spain and Italy, where she traveled to promote her latest novel, In the Midst of Winter. A highlight of the trip was when she visited Taormina, a city in the Messina region of Sicily, to receive the Premio Sicilia literary award from Taobuk, which hosts the Taormina International Book Festival in Sicily each year. What follows is a photo wrap-up of her travels, during which she met many wonderful people: writers, artists, fans and old friends.

A quick note: Isabel’s books always come out first in Spain and Chile (where it’s a number one bestseller), but the novel will be available in North America October 31 in both English and Spanish. Click here for a calendar of Isabel’s U.S. book tour dates.

Isabel with Alessandra Coppola, a journalist with the Italian newspaper Courier della Sera. As part of the awards ceremony, Alessandra interviewed Isabel on the stage of the Teatro Antico di Taormina, an open-air Greek theater constructed in the third century BC.


Isabel shines bright with the press!


Isabel and Antonella Ferrara, the president of Taobuk, which sponsors the annual Taormina International Book Festival.


Isabel with Leila Correnti, the brilliant jewelry designer who created Isabel’s Premio Sicilia award, pictured below. Leila owns Le Colonne, a jewelry store in Taormina.


Isn’t the award amazing? It is made of coral and silver, and is really lovely to have on the award shelf.


The award featured on the Premio Sicilia announcement.


Isabel with Elisabet Benavent, a hip young Spanish writer, who has written 15 books in 4 years!


Elisabet’s latest book is En los zapatos de Valeria.


Front row, left to right: Leticia Rodero, Isabel, Nuria Tey. Back row, left to right: David Trías, Elisabet Benavent and Israel Doncel, head of communications for Casa de América, a Madrid-based organization that fosters cultural contact between Latin America and Spain.    Leticia, Nuria and David have been part of Isabel’s faithful book team at Penguin Random House for many years.


David Trías, a Penguin Random House editor, interviewed Isabel for a Facebook Live event.


Penguin Random House’s booth at the Madrid Book Fair, where 750 people waited in line in 95-degree heat to see Isabel!


Unfortunately it was a very hot day and the line was much longer than anticipated.




Isabel at a radio interview.


From left: Javier Martin, Luis Miguel Palomares Balcells, Gloria Gutierrez and Maribel Luque of Agencia Balcells, Isabel’s literary agency since her first book. Isabel is holding the hot-off-the-press first copy of her book.


BONUS! A still shot from a short film about Isabel. The film is in Italian but it’s a treat to see Isabel featured in this beautiful ancient Greek theater, located in Taormina, Sicily. Skip to minute 24 of the video to see her interviewed.

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