The Hall of Fame, California Style

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We just got back from a quick visit to Sacramento, our state’s capital, where Isabel was one of eight fine Californians inducted into the California Hall of Fame. In addition to Isabel, the other honorees were Harrison Ford, Tony Gwynn, Corita Kent, William J. Perry, Maria Shriver, Russ Solomon and George Takei; see their pictures and bios here.

Isabel doesn’t play favorites (well, not that much), but she did lay on the love for fellow inductee Harrison Ford. As you can see, she was his girlfriend for the night.

Walking the red carpet was particularly special, since the first group of reporters were from nearby Elk Grove Elementary School—and were they ever prepared! Check out at their press cards and the staff photographer.

After sharing the story of her exile from Chile and her years in Venezuela, Isabel brought the audience to tears when she spoke of what it meant to her to be a Californian, and how she finally feels she is home—that she now has a place to call home here in California.

The exhibit, pictured here, features Isabel’s typewriter, personal photos, the Presidential Medal of Freedom that she received in 2014 from the amazing Barack Obama, and other memorabilia. 

If you live in the Sacramento area or are passing through, the museum is beautiful, and this exhibit will be up for the next year.

Here is a link to the  CA museum and ceremony.

One Response to The Hall of Fame, California Style

  1. Gabriela Alvarenga Maya March 9, 2017 at 2:49 pm #

    Dear Isabel,
    I write this message in the hope that someday you can read it, calmly and quietly.
    I am a Brazilian writer walking to my second book that the sequence of the first: a historical fiction in Ancient Rome. All this began when I made a nocturnal visit to the basement of the Colosseum. I had a strong experience that night and because of her and a female figure that appeared in one of the photos, a sequence of facts impelled me to delve into an ancestral story.
    However, long before that happens to me, I’ve always been a passionate reader for your writing. I ask God to allow me to dive deeper and deeper into the deep waters you plunge into.
    I have a very burning desire to meet you. Give you a hug, tell you how much you, like my mother and grandmother, are an important woman in my life.
    I do not have blind adoration for Isabel Allende, I have love. Because I love the people who have gone through my life and taught me deep things, I think you teach me how to be brave in writing. Be real, even in fiction.
    I ask God to protect you and allow you many more books

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