The Body in the Trunk

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What do you do when your boss comes to you with the following?

“I am going to need to dump a body…Find out how steep a cliff needs to be for a body to drop and, upon impact, break the frozen surface of a lake. I also need you to find out how cold your car needs to be to keep a body in the trunk frozen.”

Well, you don’t question her much, particularly if she is Isabel Allende. Let’s get one thing straight: I’m not worried Isabel is actually going to transport and dump a body—though I wouldn’t put it past her. But here’s the thing. There are many resources out there to help with these kinds of issues. Case in point: One sunny fall day I walked over to the police station here in town and waited in line at the counter. “Yes, hi,” I said when it was my turn. “I work for a local author, and she wanted me to find out how hard it is to erase vehicle identification numbers from cars? Would you be able to help me?”

You know what? They were! They were so helpful I now know how to remove my engine block, use a file to scrape away the VIN (vehicle information number), and then replace the engine so I can be on my way.

The police woman I spoke to told me they get these kinds of questions every day, and that they’re generally happy to answer them. Surprised? I sure was. But if you think about it, it makes sense. You only need to search the Internet to find all the information you need.

Which is all a long way of letting you know that Isabel is starting a new book on January 8 (the day she starts all her books). I can’t wait to hear what she asks for next.

Isabel with her editor, Johanna Castillo who gets to read Isabel’s books before anyone…in the United States.

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  17. Florencia Victoria January 3, 2017 at 6:14 pm #

    .. At last the page was fixed, I tried to enter a page appeared China … we are invading jajaajaj !!
      Did you find out the request of our dear Isabel? Jajajajajaja, I can tell you that there are some vans (cars type van) that have refrigeration system … I think that will serve
    .. this January 8 as always, I will prepare a coffee, light a candle and sit in the distance but very close to Isabel, while her spirits and the inspiring muse flutter around her … an infinite hug to Isabel, a Ti, Chandra, Lori Nico to the whole tribe !!

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