Shoe Fetish

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I recently convinced Isabel to buy some sensible shoes….Okay, okay, her podiatrist convinced her, but I have been saying as much for what…fifteen years? Anyway, seeing as how I don’t have a medical degree of any sort and, well, the foot doctor does, she finally listened.

Doesn't she look happy?Happy feet, happy Isabel!

Doesn’t she look happy? Happy feet, happy Isabel!

I took Isabel to a shoe store that only sells orthopedic shoes—think huge, clunky and overly padded. It turns out they were not so bad…well, not really. Here is how Isabel described a pair of liver-colored lace-ups lying sad and rejected on the unfortunate-looking carpet: Those look like horrible extruded internal organs.” I had to agree that they were pretty awful.

But we kept on looking and eventually found shoes that were less repulsive. A lot less repulsive. Success meant not only that Isabel walked out with five pairs of shoes for a variety of activities–for walking, for going out, for standing at her desk and for around the house–but that she was actually wearing them the day I picked her up to run some errands. She was wearing the comfortable shoes! Wearing them and singing their praises!

Here are some photos of the types of shoes Isabel used to wear:

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