Marcelo Takes Over

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Candy seems to be having too much fun at the office…

Hello! My name is Marcelo! I weigh five pounds, have four teeth and am four years old. I’m taking over the blog today!



Here’s the poop scoop on me:

My life started out pretty ruff. I was born and raised in a puppy mill in Missouri. I was malnourished, socially isolated and never knew human kindness. Lucky for me, I was saved in 2014 by Dutch Country Animal Rescue!

Once I was healthy and happy, they put me up for adoption and I found the perfect family.  I now live in New York City with my Mom and Dad, a pug brother named Boogie, a cat named Kitty and our turtle Gabriel. We’re a big fat inter-species family!

The Three Musketeers

The Three Musketeers.

Gabriel was found on the NYC subway!

Gabriel was found on the NYC subway!

Do we look alike?

Do we look alike?

Despite such a ruff beginning, my life is pretty great now! I’m a dog of leisure, and I spend my days napping, playing and demanding attention.

This summer, I was invited to come work in the Bay Area with Isabel Allende and her friends.

Pawty time

Pawty time.

So pawsome! I knew it would be great because Isabel and I have a lot in common. We’re both originally from Latin America, we’re both small and we’re both amazing at what we do (she’s a writer and philanthropist and I’m a model and therapy dog).

Two geniuses.

Two geniuses.

Best friends.

Best friends.

I arrived and immediately got to work!

How do you spell "order 100 tacos"?

How do you spell “order 100 tacos”?

Can you mail these out please? Zip code 94965.

Can you mail these out please?

My...err...Isabel's books...

My…err…Isabel’s books…

What's the phone number for pizza?

What’s the phone number for pizza?

This shaggy rug just moved.

This shaggy rug just moved.

Oops! Caught sleeping on the job #guarddog

Oops! Caught sleeping on the job.

Is it lunchtime yet?

Is it lunchtime yet?

Stick it straight out Dulce, don't curl it.

Stick it straight out Dulce, don’t curl it.


Being an artist and running a foundation are tough work! I’m so glad I was able to help while serving as eye candy for the rest of the office. I had a great summer in California and learned a lot, like how I am the cutest dog on both coasts and I have a better wardrobe than Isabel. I was so happy to leave my mark at IAF (I peed in every corner). Thanks for having me!

If you’d like to meet Isabel too, be sure to check out her touring schedule this fall! She’ll be in Europe and all across the USA debuting her new book The Japanese Lover. The tour schedule is here.


Check out more of my adventures in the Bay and at home in NYC, and follow me here. Guau Guau for now! And remember: always try to come out on top.

I'm on top guys!

I’m on top guys!

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