Shooting the Yak

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I admit I had to research the title of this blog just to make sure I wasn’t inadvertently using an illicit term for…well, anyway, you just can’t be too careful.

Let me explain. Recently Lori was asked to do a photo shoot for an upcoming American Craft magazine article that features the Tail of the Yak, a small shop in my second hometown of Berkeley, California, which sells an eclectic selection of jewelry, stationary, soaps and more. The magazine editor and art director asked Lori if, prior to the shoot, she would handle hair and makeup for the owners of the store, Lauren McIntosh and Alice Erb.

But here’s the thing: Lori doesn’t know much about makeup, and she knows even less about hair (although she does take stunning photos). So there we were, one day prior to the photo shoot, discussing the problem. Overhearing us, Isabel offered up her talents, and volunteered to do the makeovers for the photos. How sweet is that?

Here are some pictures I took that day (including of Lori—above—taking photos of her own). In the photo above you can see Isabel holding a light reflector and working her magic in the wonderful little space that is the Tail of the Yak.


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