Dare to Dream

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Meet Judith Curr and Johanna Castillo!


Visiting us this week from New York are Isabel’s new publisher, Judith, and her new editor, Johanna, of Atria Books, a division of Simon & Schuster. We had a little love fest in the office today as we made friends with these two and discussed Isabel’s new book, The Japanese Lover—YES, it is coming soon, and will be available in Spanish this summer and in English in the fall. Johanna and Judith have a slew of fresh ideas for supporting the book, so it is all very exciting for us.

Here is a quick story about perseverance: For ten long years Johanna wrote to Carmen Balcells, Isabel’s beloved agent in Spain, asking if Isabel was happy with her publisher, if, just perhaps, she might be able to speak with her. Every year Carmen wrote back saying thanks but no thanks, and that, all was well, everything was fine. Still, Johanna kept Isabel’s name pinned to her idea board above her computer at work, and every year she reiterated her goal to get Isabel to work with her. Finally, this year, Carmen said, “Let’s talk,” and that was it. They talked for several hours that first day and, as they say, the rest IS herstory!

The photo is of the three of them. To the left of Isabel is Judith, who hails from the sunny Snowy River area in Australia; Johanna, who is from Ecuador, is on Isabel’s right. The photograph above the bookshelf is of Sofia Loren elegantly carrying the Olympic flag in Turin, Italy, in 2006, with Isabel running along behind her.

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  1. Laura March 25, 2015 at 9:25 am #

    Can we pre-order El Amante Japones? I will read in Spanish since I can’t wait until November for the English version

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