On Being Content

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This year at the office our resolution is to be content. Isabel told us that her New Year’s resolution was to choose contentment over frustration, letting go over getting upset, and doing what she can and hoping that it’s good enough.  I like it – it’s clean, simple and doesn’t require a lot of visits to the gym.  ALSO, it’s easy because after all, on the whole, we are very lucky. So we are all following her lead in this contentment  issue.

2 Responses to On Being Content

  1. Ana Eliza da Silva January 28, 2015 at 1:50 am #

    Hi Isabel, I am Ana Eliza from Brazil. Love your books. During the reading I am a feeling you are my friend. I read so slow each book to relish each part! I am reading La Soma de los Dias now and it is a delicious reading. Your phrases on Facebook are greats! I read all of them. I pray for God to shine your life and protect your family!

  2. Cecilia January 19, 2015 at 3:17 pm #

    Hola Isabel. Yo soy Vhilena, vive en Noruega hace 28 anos y queria decirle que he leide todos tus libros y ademas de eso leia en l revista paula tu estacion que creo se llamada trogloditas recuerdo que me matavfall de la risa , Esto fue hace mucho tiempo.yo soy una fans tuya desde la lejania. Me alegro mucho poder haberte escrito y esper lo recibas. Un abrazo grande de un compatrriota que te admira.

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