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Grantee Highlights

This week Lori and I visited Huckleberry Youth in San Rafael and talked to Medical Students for Choice, which is located in Philadelphia. Read on for more on two of our favorite Isabel Allende Foundation grantees:

Huckleberry Youth has a simple catch phrase that sums its work up nicely: Where There’s Huckleberry, There’s Hope.

Here is a short Public Service Announcement the organization recently produced. It will draw you into the Huckleberry website, where you can learn about all of the amazing work they do, which includes its San Francisco Crisis Shelter, counseling for emotional, behavioral and substance abuse problems, and stellar heath care and health education. Also worth mentioning is Huckleberry’s collaborative approach with the Novato Youth Center, Planned Parenthood and many of the local public and private middle and high schools. Huckleberry is worth checking out; in fact, I almost dropped off my 9-year-old daughter after my visit for “The Talk,” which they seem so capable of delivering through their youth programs in schools and workshops, and which cover critical topics including STI prevention, teen pregnancy and more.

Speaking of collaboration, one thing I love about Medical Students for Choice is its seamless collaboration with the Center for Reproductive Rights and the National Abortion Federation, among many others. Please visit the site for more information about the work they do. In the meantime, here is their mission statement: “Creating tomorrow’s abortion providers and pro-choice physicians.” Several years ago when I was talking to an Emergency Room OB-GYN, I hadn’t realized there aren’t many physicians around who are qualified to perform abortions. Medical Students for Choice helps facilitate that education in medical schools across the country, as well as in far-reaching areas. Here is a link to see where Medical Students for Choice operates worldwide, from Ireland to Rwanda. And here is the fact sheet that impressed me:


On Being Content


This year at the office our resolution is to be content. Isabel told us that her New Year’s resolution was to choose contentment over frustration, letting go over getting upset, and doing what she can and hoping that it’s good enough.  I like it – it’s clean, simple and doesn’t require a lot of visits to the gym.  ALSO, it’s easy because after all, on the whole, we are very lucky. So we are all following her lead in this contentment  issue.

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