Inside the White House

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by Nicole Frias

Nicole, Isabel’s granddaughter, sent me this glowing insight into Monday’s event at the White House, where the Presidential Medal of Freedom ceremony took place. Here is a sneak peak from an insider, complete with photos:

Isabel sported a sparkling blazer with a vivid orange blouse and a long black lace skirt—very sexy. She left in the morning accompanied by Lori, who kept her cool, calm and collected until the ceremony began. Once we arrived, we were quickly guided through three different security checkpoints before entering the White House. We met up with Isabel and Lori inside, where the other recipients and their guests mingled. The room buzzed with excitement.

It was time to take a picture with the President. Needless to say, I was shaking with nerves and anticipation. It’s not every day you get to meet the President—especially one as good looking as Obama. We all shook hands, took a picture and rushed out the door for the beginning of the ceremony.

Obama was kind, charming and even better looking in person. We all waited for Obama to come in with Michelle to begin the ceremony. The brief introductions of each of the award winners held sentimental and heartfelt value for each of the guests. The ceremony was emotional in all the best ways. Isabel was floored when she got up to accept the Medal of Freedom, and in every photograph she is beaming with pride and a huge sense of accomplishment.

The speech and issuing of the medals took about an hour. After it was over, Obama excused himself and allowed us to stay and enjoy a nice reception where everyone could sport his or her new Medal of Freedom. Isabel attended multiple press meetings and did so with ease and elegance—she’s a pro at this point. Isabel Allende now holds the highest civilian honor the United States can award.

Congratulations to my Grandma. I’m so proud of you!

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