Crazy December

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Isabel sent me these photos form what she calls the "Geriatric Ward" aka her parents home in Chile. Panchita is back safe and sound.

Isabel sent me these photos from what she calls the “Geriatric Ward” aka her parents home in Chile. Panchita is back safe and sound.

What a crazy month it has been, everything that could change did and every plan that was made shifted. Best to bend like the reed as they say. Isabel’s 95 year old mother, Panchita had a fall that resulted in a broken hip and suddenly Isabel was whisked off to Chile to be with her and help her through the recovery. We cancelled our annual cookie party–that seems trivial–but it accounts for a large part of our yearly sugar intake and many of us were gloomy about that. I’m a tad relieved since it was my year to make Isabel’s dough, she hates making it herself. What else? Well, while everyone is off to New York for the holiday the blog will take a little break. I’m hoping to get photos of Isabel from New York to post or maybe we will get some from family there for FaceBook. Otherwise happy holidays, I hope you have some cookies and we will be back in January for that auspicious date of January 8th when Isabel will hopefully start her next book adventure!

4 Responses to Crazy December

  1. Laurie Rofinot January 8, 2015 at 11:53 am #

    Best of luck to Isabel on her next literary adventure on this, the 8th of January! With gratitude for all her work….

  2. Ana Cristina Chávez Arrieta January 4, 2015 at 7:44 am #

    Isabel y Sarah, les cuento que culminé el año releyendo “Retrato en sepia”. Simplemente maravilloso, tal como lo recordaba. Inmediatamente empecé a leer “La suma de los días” y ya hoy lo termino, aunque no quiero. Me encanta la franqueza con la que escribe Isabel y cómo desborda pasión en cada frase. Sería interesante que investigaran sobre las heroínas de la independencia de Venezuela, Josefa Camejo, Luisa Cáceres de Arismendi, Juana la Avanzadora, mujeres fuertes y apasionadas de nuestra patria. Por supuesto también me gustaría leer en un futuro una novela de su autoría inspirada en Manuelita Sáez, la Libertadora del Libertador (aunque sé que no escribes por encargo, pero son mujeres que pueden inspirarte buenas historias). Éxito en este año que comienza y que el próximo 08 de enero tus espíritus conspiren a tu favor y por el de nosotros, tus fieles lectores. Reciban un abrazo desde Venezuela.

  3. Gabriela Canepa December 17, 2014 at 5:10 am #

    Mis deseos para una pronta recuperacion de Panchita y felices fiestas

  4. LUNA December 16, 2014 at 4:20 pm #

    I hope Panchita has a speedy recovery and Isabel gets her fill of family and her beloved Chile to lady her till next year.

    My sincerest wishes for a joyful Holyday Season.


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