A Wedding

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Isabel writes every day to her mother Panchita, who is 94 and lives in Chile. On October 25 Isabel wrote a very special letter, which she shared with me since…it is about me! You may notice that she closes the letter by writing she wants to get married again, though she doesn’t specify to whom…

Hi Mom,

We just got back from Sarah and Alan’s wedding. It rained, so it couldn’t be held in the park as they had planned, and it took place at Alan’s studio.  Alan is a printer and has beautiful printing presses in a loft in Oakland, where he works. Grace came from the Zen Center to officiate a ceremony filled with deep spiritual meaning. Sarah looked lovely in her short white dress with cowboy boots and flowers in her hair. Alan, who is truly a prince, wore a stripped shirt and jeans.  Nora, Sarah’s nine-year-old daughter, wore a golden dress and gardenias in her braid. Kristoffer, Alan’s son, a seven-year-old redhead, wore an elegant white shirt and boots, and had a wooden pirate’s sword that his father made for him. It was a happy, relaxed, charming and unpretentious wedding, perfect for Sarah and Alan’s temperaments.  They met in a time of loneliness, they fell in love immediately and they decided to get married after less than two months. Grace, in her wheelchair and helped by Lori, said that we were all witnesses to the couple’s vows and that we should hold and help them.  With touching and poetic words she explained that the commitment they were making for life would allow them to grow as individuals, as a couple and as a family.  Alan and Sarah exchanged their vows and then Sarah told Kristoffer that she would love and respect him as she loved and respected Nora. Alan said the same to Nora. The four of them make such a wonderful family! The kids gave the rings to their parents and the rest of us showered them with rose petals. It was so moving that I want to get married again.

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