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Today I have a treat for you: a blog post written by Isabel’s new assistant, our very own Chandra Ramirez! Chandra recently spent a day in San Francisco with Isabel, who was filming an introduction to Dulce Rosa, an opera based on one of her short stories. After they returned to the office and Chandra began to fill us in on the day’s events, I had an idea: “That sounds like a blog post, Dapper Dan!” Here, then, is the story of their adventure, direct from Chandra:


As you may remember, an opera based on “Una Venganza” (“An Act of Vengeance”), one of Isabel’s short stories, saw its world premiere May 17, 2013, at the Broad Stage in Santa Monica. Entitled Dulce Rosa, the two-act opera by composer Lee Holdridge and librettist Richard Sparks was directed by Kenneth Shapiro and—very exciting!—conducted by Placido Domingo. (Read about Isabel and Willie’s attendance at the opera’s premiere here.)

After Dulce Rosa’s three-week run, the producers requested that Isabel film an introduction to the opera that they could take on the road. (Think Laura Linney introducing Downton Abbey on PBS.) So a couple of weeks ago Isabel and I were picked up in a fancy black town car and driven across the Golden Gate Bridge to a very hip film studio in San Francisco. There was a green screen, a best boy, a gaffer, sound guys, camera people, etc. You get the picture: a whole lot of running around and yelling of action, cut and the like.

There was also Miles Berdache, Isabel’s make-up artist of choice, whom I got to meet for the first time. He is brilliant with his brushes, pots and potions, but more important, he is a genuinely nice guy. Not only is he active with the Soroptimists, an organization that helps women and children around the world, but he also volunteers at a local hospital by giving free massages to oncology patients. Miles was on the ready the whole afternoon, dashing in to take the shine off of Isabel’s nose or freshen her lipstick. As you can imagine, Isabel adores him. If you have an event coming up and need some fancy make-up done, check him out here

That is Miles taking off the shine. He's a sweetheart.

That is Miles taking off the shine. He’s a sweetheart.

The whole shoot took about three hours and Isabel was as charming and gorgeous as always, summarizing Dulce Rosa on film for people like me who go to the opera and have no idea what’s going on. She did the scenes in both English and Spanish and kept the crew laughing with her self-deprecating humor. Isabel insisted she was not an actress, but those of us in the office know better. She is a consummate performer.

If you’re lucky, Dulce Rosa will be coming to a city near you. We’ll post dates and locations once we know them. 


And here we are Chandra and me enjoying a nice Summer day.



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  1. Florencia Victoria July 15, 2014 at 8:27 am #

    Querida Sarah ustedes son demasiado amorosa.. gracias como siempre por contarnos estas cosas preciosas llenas de alegria de la vida de Isabel junto a ustedes!! sigan disfrutando de muchos dias de verano llenandose de energias ,,,,un tremendo abrazo de Chile!!

    Dear Sarah you are too love as always .. thank you for sharing these precious things of joy filled life of Isabel with you! I continue to enjoy many summer days filling up of energies,, a huge hug from Chile!

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