There’s No Free Dog

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I got so many emails and calls I thought I would post this just to let everyone know Dulcinea is just fine!


Isabel having tea with Dulce.


Little Dulcinea already sees a specialist for her skin condition, she required a delicate surgery to fix her eye, Isabel had to hire a personal trainer to curb her…well, her erratic behavior, and let’s not forget the time she ate a pound of dark chocolate and had to have her stomach pumped. Since I found Dulce at a rescue service in Berkeley and convinced Isabel to adopt her, I don’t even want to think about how much the little pip has cost. Let’s just say that when I was washing her on Sunday in preparation for Isabel’s return from New York and Chile, and suddenly noticed something horribly wrong with her paw, I didn’t hesitate to take her to the animal ER in San Rafael. The poor little thing’s toenail had come clean off the quick and she was in a lot of pain. The timing was horrible; I felt really bad for Dulce, as well as for Isabel, who came home to find her little lamb with a bandaged paw and wearing a cone.

At a follow-up appointment recently, the vet said to Isabel, “There’s no free dog, Isabel!” That’s the truth!

Here is Dulce looking pitiful and Olivia reminding me that I still need to feed her lunch, even if her (forced) sister is in distress:


Poor Dulce, all bandaged and in the dreaded cone.


Olivia giving me her “I WANT LUNCH NOW!” face….

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