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Sorry about this! With all the Ripper giveaways I seemed to have forgotten to post this blog…better late than never:

Lori wrote me every day from the three-week tour, which was pretty amazing given how busy she and Isabel were. As the tour wound down, Lori began sending more photos than words—clearly everyone is pretty exhausted!

Here is a sampling of Lori’s adventures with Isabel.


Miami has not only been 75 degrees warmer than just about everywhere else we have been, but the crowds have been huge and the reception just as warm.


First day we went straight from the airport to FUSION TV for an interview with Jorge Ramos. Besides having gorgeous blue eyes that matched his sapphire-colored shirt, he was extremely kind and sweet to Isabel. As was his entire staff. He and Isabel had a wonderful interview at the new FUSION TV building, which Isabel thought felt like a futuristic spaceship. Gorgeous new digs for them.

Jorge took a “selfie” of them for his Facebook page. Very cute. 


Willie joined us here, and not a moment too soon. Isabel was really ready for a hug.


Andres Oppenheimer taped an hour-long show this morning at the hotel and it was lively, thoughtful and funny. There’s a whole 7-minute section on sex and love. Stay tuned. 


Then there was the Miami Dade College event hosted by Books & Books, the brainchild of Mitch Kaplan, who is also the co-founder of the Miami Book Fair International. What a sweet man! He couldn’t have been kinder and more generous with his time, expertise and charm. And boy, was his team top-notch! A thousand people showed up for a venue that was set up to accommodate 800 but in seconds they somehow managed to get everyone seated. Well…seated for a very short time, that is, since Isabel got a standing ovation as she entered the room. She hadn’t even opened her mouth yet. The problem is, I think all this acclaim is going to her head. She now expects me to do the same every time she comes into the room. That’s going to get old soon but, fortunately, there’s only a week or so left of the tour.


Debra Dean, a writer Isabel adores, was present, too, and so supportive. But truth be told, Willie was the highlight of the event. A large percentage of the woman in the room had Isabel’s book signed FIRST by Willie, and then by Isabel. Every time I glanced over from the signing table, Willie was surrounded by a bevy of gorgeous, tanned women. It kind of pissed Isabel off but I think she’s over it. : )


On to 7 degree weather in Denver…

Adios amigos,


We made it to Denver!


The Denver event, beautifully organized by the Tattered Cover Book Store, was lovely and the audience very warm and receptive.

A few highlights from the night:

We were thrilled to see Hannah Whitaker, the daughter of a woman who is fighting AGAINST a campaign to ban of The House of the Spirits at a North Carolina high school. Someone in the audience actually asked a question about the banning of Isabel’s books, which gave Isabel an opportunity not only to thank Hannah and her husband, Cassidy Greif, for coming, but also to talk about Hannah’s heroic mom. And about censorship!


A mother and her young son got up to ask a question and it turns out that the mother absolutely adored Isabel and had named her son, Alexander, after the main character in her children’s trilogy. The woman had also named her daughter, Ana Isabel, after…you guessed it, Isabel. The kids came bearing gifts and hugs.


Another woman showed Isabel a treasured possession of hers: a book that Isabel had signed in 1991 for the woman’s mother. Isabel is indeed beloved. There’s no arguing with that!


On to Portland!


P.S. If you didn’t catch Isabel on her tour, listen to her here on KQED Forum with Michael Krasny.

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