Letters From the Road

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Occasionally Lori and Isabel send me great stories from the road. They really know how to make me jealous. In the following posts from Boston and Columbus, Lori romanticizes the journey and Isabel tells it like it is:

From Lori:

Boston Event: It was a fabulous event. Totally sold out the 600 seats in the church. All the books sold out before the event even started. People waited in a line to get in that ran down the block and around the corner in the truly freezing cold. Trust me when I say I can’t think of a single soul I would have waited to see in that cold tonight. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

They loved Isabel before she even began but they gave her a standing ovation after her talk. She, as usual, had the audience roaring with laughter, choked up with tears and mesmerized by her stories. 

A special treat was that a couple of the children of dear friends—Aristotelis (Juliette’s son) and Lyla (Jennie’s daughter)—showed up. It was wonderful to see familiar faces in the crowd.

Isabel with the kids from home.

Isabel with the kids from home.

Thurber House Event: Despite the absolutely insane cold weather, the Thurber House Event was completely filled plus the overflow room was filled to capacity and there was a waiting list that could not be accommodated. So that’s about 470 + 88 more people in 6 degree weather to hear Isabel talk. And believe me she did not let them down. 

I sat next to a young woman named Laura. See photo below. I made her tell her story twice because I was sure I heard it wrong.
She lives in Michigan (not Ohio) and has been begging her mom to visit from the Dominican Republic for 5 years. Her mom has said no for various reasons, especially not wanting to come in winter. So Laura went ahead and bought tickets to Isabel’s event, told her mother and her mother booked tickets to Michigan immediately. They drove 5 HOURS from Michigan to see Isabel stayed overnight in a hotel and then 5 hours drive back to Michigan early the next day. They both agreed it was all worth it. 
OK, so maybe we have to rethink how we treat Isabel at home. you know. We’re always suggesting she stay home and write instead of coming in the office and boss us around. Maybe we have to give her a little more respect. I’m just saying….
Anyway it was an incredible night. So engaged, heaps of good questions and audience participation and of course a lot of applause. 
Here she is, on a riser…Isabel is ummmm, short...

Here she is, on a riser…Isabel is ummmm, short…

Isabel signing a wee Chilean flag for a fan.

Isabel signing a wee Chilean flag for a fan.


Here she is, with her pretty flag!


This whole group took a bus from Rhode Island and waited to the bitter end to have a photo with Isabel.


One of our winners! Your book is on the way!

Laura and her Mom all the way from the Dominican Republic!

Laura and her Mom all the way from the Dominican Republic!

From Isabel:

We are traveling in the worst possible winter in the Northeast and Midwest. 

From the plane we see the land below. It looks like Siberia in a Solzhenitsyn novel. Planes delayed and cancelled, people patiently waiting, streets empty or with stalled traffic. I can’t wear my high heals and with fur boots I look like a short Inuit, but nobody else looks any better. 

Lori has been placing the treasure hunt posts.  She is a trooper. She goes out there in the ice and wind to stick the posts for our loyal Facebook followers to play the hunting game. Amazingly, some of them looked for the posts in spite of the freezing weather and when they find it they are ecstatic. All that enthusiasm just for a damn book! 

We are doing great and keeping ourselves warm and healthy. The book tour is going splendidly thanks to Nico, Chandra and Sarah at home, and Jane Beirn, my lovely publicist in New York.  It takes a village.  

Lori is a savvy traveler, incredibly efficient. Everybody loves her except when she brings out her Brooklyn accent, which fortunately is not very often. I, on the other hand, have no sense of direction, can’t remember in which city we are or let alone what is my room number. Also, I seem to make risky choices regarding food.  Lori eats raw carrots, assorted overcooked vegetables and green tea. I end up with truffled fries, duck confit tacos, poached eggs with mussels, and a drink called mini beer, which consists of some sweet Spanish liqueur with spicy herbs, vanilla and citrus, topped with a dollop of heavy cream. I have gained several pounds and my hair is falling out.



P.S. No disrespect intended. We love the Inuit people. They are amazing.

BONUS: here is a photo of Isabel, Robert and David Montgomery from the Washington Post! Robert is my brother-in-law!


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