Like Pasties at a Pride Parade

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Acid rain.

Plastic in the ocean.

Women’s reproductive rights threatened worldwide.

I think we can all agree that these are some pretty serious issues…And, of course, we also have the grim reality of Isabel’s closet, filled with clothes that, to quote Isabel, “just aren’t working.” But Isabel is nothing if not resourceful. She recently had a friend, Amanda Jones—well known travel writer, advocate for girls and women and, most important here, FASHIONISTA—come over and go through her closet to match up outfits and eliminate piles of clothes that were, and I quote Amanda here, “from the 80’s and utter dreck.”

I just want to go on record and say, here and forever, that I have been saying NO to shoulder pads for a while now…just say NO, Nancy Reagan! For some reason—not sure why, could be my own personal style is lacking in some way—Isabel never listened to me when it came to her wardrobe. Yet when our fashionable friend shows up and says, in her stunning accent (New Zealand by way of the Milan Catwalk with Maori overtones) “lose the shoulder pads! scissors come out like pasties at a pride parade! I tried not to look hurt and busied myself by quietly gathering the half moons from the floor (there were A LOT of shoulder pads being jettisoned). Here they are for your viewing pleasure.


I’m not sure what to do with them now…Maybe sell on Ebay? Stuff a dog bed with them? I will come up with something and post more on it later.

So Amanda gets credit for two great things in Isabel’s life: a bride for her son and an overhaul of her 80s look.

Here is a photo I took on the sly of Isabel and Amanda, who really is stunning and knows her cowl neck from a boat neck, her mid-calf suede from a nubuck three-quarter—and DO NOT say nude! It’s champagne!!!  Got it, and thanks for the clarification. (I won’t make that mistake again!)


Another photo of Amanda on location shows her blonde self with these tribesmen.


She had them out of those loincloths and into this year’s DKNY in a matter of hours! How did she navigate that tricky headgear? Simple! She made them into shabby-chic wall sconces that the men then sold for added income! No, I am kidding, so don’t send me hate mail. In reality, she is on location in Vanuatu on Malekula Island with the Small Nambas tribe. How cool is she?

6 Responses to Like Pasties at a Pride Parade

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  3. marazavrori November 6, 2013 at 3:03 pm #

    Hi Sarah, I’m a Isabel Allende fan. I’ve read a few of her books and I find her works very intreaging. My favorite is the Daughter of Fortune. Which shows how a tiny women was able to gane respect non the less keeping a low profile in a man’s world. In order to do this she had to unpretentiously sacrifice for some time the natural being of a woman.
    This story took place in other times, and to tell you the truth your everyday life for me is very difficult to immagine.
    I’m a free woman, even because I’m very lucky to be able to express my feelings freely. Even if we are living through difficult times now here in Italy, which basically my grandparents went through. History seems to be repeating itself (the economical crisis has put many people to their knees) I basically do what I want when I want.
    Objectively I’m a simple person so I’m quite content with very little, but however very little for us here can be alot for someone in another part of the world.
    I’m also an artist and I needed to sacrifice this part of my l life for a few years, because when I start a new peace of artwork It captures my soal, and nothing else seems to exsist for me but that. Since my family and our family bussiness assorbed most of the hours of my day, I had decided being that, that part of my life was not going to last forever, I had just put it a side for my health and that of my family.
    Now I have regained that liberty, being that we closed our family bussiness, which is very sad, and my art is the only positive thing that has come out of that event. My husband and I and many of our customers miss that bussiness, even though our life was that bussiness, meaning that our whole day was dedicated to it.
    Keep up with this work since you are doing it with such dedication, It must give you great satisfaction, and basically if you think about it, that is basically the best part of ones life, being satisfied with what we do.

  4. Cyndi July 30, 2013 at 10:12 pm #

    I can’t let go!!! Well, actually, I have let go. I don’t think anything I own has shoulder pads, but I find myself wishing for them. They will come back, so I think you should lock your stash away in a safe place. Give it another 6 or 8 years and WHAMMO, shoulder pads will be all the rage again! In the meantime, you can rent them out as luxury hamster bedding? I MISS SHOULDER PADS! There, I said it. 🙂 Now, do I REALLY have to give up SCRUNCHIES? *sigh*

  5. Susan Harvey July 30, 2013 at 6:19 pm #

    A solution for the shoulder pad dilemma: sew them all together and create a quilt!

  6. Florencia Victoria July 29, 2013 at 5:56 pm #

    Dear Sarah Lovely Cute and sympathetic friend to tell you anything that I really liked the new look of our Blogs … Modern cute .. Amanda Jones will inspire you while you changed to cover blogs? jajajaj
    All we should have a friend like her! .. also shoulder pads while the cut of my clothes … including those nasty sponges underwear knew of my scissors, I dislike those breasts .. large or huge boobs (do not understand those women who operate and become like a kilo are true udders) with all that leftover the uni and I put a liner the dog has a nice cushion for the car .. so your idea is not bad!
    champagne color … jajaj is right … apricot and there is a color that is very similar to skin hahaha ….. I have also clothing 80,,, I keep that fashion always returns .. there are many things that I take or add other things .. I saw was all by just watching I could do with pants only logical that I get to the knees, as well the disarmament and gender now happen to look at some shoes and wallet that forrare … and I will send a photo
    there are important issues in life … but the wardrobe of a woman is almost a matter of state jajajajaj
    my dear I send an eternal embrace .. sympathetic affections office to pray some day know .. send photos of the meeting in the library ddel 27 already??
      all my love to all my dear Isabel tribe
    one kisses

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