It’s A Mystery To Me

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Lately I have been obsessed with crime novels—as long as no animals or children are hurt (which means maybe one novel in a thousand meets my criteria).

I once got to talk to author D.P. Lyle when I was doing some research for Isabel’s soon-to-be-released thriller Ripper. He is a crime expert as well as a forensics and ballistics geek. He is also a doctor, which really helps with the gory medical details!

D.P. Lyle consults with authors and television writers so that people writing about murder and other crimes get their facts straight and don’t use the wrong kind of gun to off someone. For instance, you would NEVER use a .22 to shoot an elephant! It just isn’t done. Not to mention that it entails an animal being hurt. So Lyle would set you straight and tell you what gun to use.

He’s pretty cool, actually. And the best part is that he is going to be in conversation with Isabel at our local Book Passage Mystery Writers Conference, Saturday, July 27th at 1 pm. It should be very interesting.


But wait, there’s more! If you are a fan of Señor Willie Gordon and his crime novels, which are set in San Francisco in the 1960s, you will have a chance to hear from him as well, when he appears on a panel with D.P. Lyle and three other mystery writers at 2 pm, right after Isabel and D.P. Lyle conclude their chat.


Willie on his recent adventure to Spain with Paco, the founder of the Semana Negra! Photo ©

Should be a fun day at Book Passage! To see more of the Book Passage line-up, click here.

PS. The soon-to-be-released book that Isabel finished recently just came back from being translated and it is FANTASTIC! Yes, both animals and children are hurt—some right in the first few pages—but I still read it because…well, because Isabel wrote it and I had to! When it comes to work, sometimes I have to make an exception to the rule.

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