Dietary Indiscretion

This post is also available in: Spanish

Oh wow…The other morning I found Dulce on TOP of Isabel’s dining room table. I took a few photos because I thought it was funny that a dog would be on the table, but it turns out she was eating a large, LARGE amount of chocolate cookie dough. We’re not talking milk chocolate here, either. Nope, this was dark chocolate—dark chocolate chip cookie dough, packed with extra chocolate. Although Dulce only weighs 9 pounds, she probably ate about a pound of chocolate. Apparently the dog REALLY likes chocolate.

Dulce caught in the act.

You may already know this, but dogs are allergic to chocolate; it’s highly toxic to their systems. So obviously this wasn’t a good situation. After a frantic drive to the vet’s office, with Isabel shouting the whole way in Spanglish (“STAY AWAY FROM LA LUZ!”—a reference, I think, to the bright light at the end of a tunnel the dying are said to see), the vet induced vomiting and kept Dulce for a few hours for observation. The good news is that we are pretty sure we caught it in time. Bottom line: keep your pooch away from your stash of cocoa!

Dulce with chocolate traces on her doggy beard. She was starting to get woozy in this photo.


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