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I have received a plethora of Maya’s Notebook tour tidbits from Isabel and Lori. It’s almost as good as being there myself. Well, maybe not

My favorites so far come from Chicago.


Isabel writes:

We had beautiful weather in Chicago, if you can believe it. It seemed that the whole city was planted with tulips, all the trees blossoming, crowds of tourists, kids, lovers roaming the streets, musicians in every corner… Art everywhere! The Cloud Gate, or the Bean, as they call it, is the most gorgeous sculpture I have ever seen, after the statue of David by Michelangelo. Fell in love with this city. Sunday was our day off, so Lori and I strolled the parks, shopped and even had time for a manicure.

I talked about Maya’s Notebook at the Unity Temple in Chicago, an amazing building designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. At the time it was built, the architectural style was Victorian, so the building must have seemed shocking. The audience was very kind and I felt inspired by the beauty of the place. We had three free hours around noon, so we could rest, get fresh air, eat a delicious meal and gossip. We felt recharged and happy. Chicago is truly a wonderful and friendly city.


Lori writes:

Isabel touring around Chicago on her first day off. She loved Millennium park and Cloud Gate! What a gorgeous city. Isabel really enjoyed herself. Here are some pics from the event at Unity Temple in Chicago. It is an amazing Frank Lloyd Wright building. Hard to capture on my iPhone but I think you get an idea.



Nashville—Parnassus Books and Nashville Public Library event

Lori writes:

The mayor, who introduced Isabel, is a great reader; he clearly cares about education and literacy.  Ann Patchett, author of Bel Canto and other wonderful novels, and one of my most favorite writers, owns Parnassus Books and came to see Isabel beforehand. There were also a lot of Chilean fans, hence the flag! Such a fun night!



New York

Lori writes:

A picture of Isabel with our beloved Jane Beirn, who has been Isabel’s publicist at Harper Collins for twenty years. She takes care of us like a mother when we are on tour.



Dallas—Texas Library Association Event

Lori writes:

A book jacket made of caramel and solid chocolate awaited Isabel on her pillow at the Four Seasons. A lovely surprise! And Isabel loved seeing Virginia Stanley from Harper Collins, an absolutely adorable being she met years ago in Seattle, when that city chose Daughter of Fortune as “the book that all Seattle reads.”




Lori writes:

TV show with the famous Nancy Pearl, librarian extraordinaire.  Best part: Isabel and Nancy are the same height and both were wearing Eileen Fischer from head to toe!



Washington, DC

Lori writes:

Isabel’s good friend Don George interviewed her onstage at the beautiful National Geographic building. The audience could tell that they just love each other. They were having such a good time joking and flirting with each other that at times they forgot that they were being filmed and recorded.



Fitzgerald Theater in Minneapolis, MN

Lori writes:

An over the top amazing event. 1,000 people. Laughter. Tears. Love. It was all thee. Kerri Miller was a wonderful interviewer. Sooooo great.


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  1. Luis Ibanez-Dalponte May 18, 2013 at 9:26 pm #

    Dadas las circunstancias, sé que el salir en tour no fue cosa fácil, tal vez una bendición en disfraz, puesto que se prestó como momentáneo escape de ese momento difícil que tuvo su familia. Le deseo un buen descanso.


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