German Chocolate is SO good!

This post is also available in: Spanish

So I got this note from Lori. She was over at Isabel’s house this past weekend and texted me the following:

Funny story. Isabel got a gift of a bar of chocolate from a publisher or maybe a fan in Germany. That’s nice, she thought, and started to eat it. She ate one piece and thought it tasted funny, ate another, thinking perhaps it was an acquired taste, then proceeded to eat a THIRD piece. She still thought it tasted odd, so she asked her friend Elsa to have a taste. Elsa decided to READ the package first…The package notes were in German, but there was a photo of a bathtub on the box. It was chocolate bath soap! Isabel had soap bubbles coming up the rest of the day…but at least she’s clean.

P.S. Elsa only speaks Spanish

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