Doggie Update

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Isabel and her new puppy are—how should I say this?— pretty much a train wreck.

We all LOVE this dog, but wow, what a piece of work. Poor Isabel. She’s invested a gazillion dollars and a lot of paper towels. I think things are starting to turn around for the pooch, and she is settling in a bit, but it’s not been easy. There has been lots of shifting around, and strangers coming and going. Isabel went away shortly after the dog came to live with her, so it’s been confusing for the little dear.

Here’s a drawing my seven year old did of little Dulce, along with a photo of the sweetie working with a private trainer. The good news is that Dulce is a gem with the trainer. She follows, comes when called, sits, does tricks, etc.  Dulce behaves like a lady.  But as soon as the trainer leaves, she goes back to her unacceptable puppy behavior.  In the future the trainer is going to work with Isabel, although I don’t think she needs to learn to sit, come, stay and go pee. That might be the best route.

Dulce came from Paw Fund in Berkeley, California (my side of the bay; in fact, I’m the one who found her), and is being helped by Sue, a dog trainer with The Milo Foundation. We love both organizations and the work they do.

Here is what Isabel has to say about Dulce:

Dulce is a 5-month-old terrier of some sort and is full of energy.  She is not exactly beautiful, but she has so much self-confidence, she is so proud of her looks and sure of her charm, that she is a living lesson for any female. She looks at herself in the mirror and smiles. Not kidding. With that attitude, we hope that she will learn fast not to pee in the house.

5 Responses to Doggie Update

  1. Jill Posener January 24, 2013 at 9:04 am #

    Hi everyone at the Allende dog spa! Everyone at PAW FUND is feeling a little awkward that we adopted such a terror to you! She never pee’d in the house here but I don’t think we have such nice rugs 🙂
    Dulce and her very nervous mom whom we named Giovanna to give her a sense of elegant Italian style, came from the Berkeley shelter after they were found running around in a rough part of town (not too many of those in Berkeley). Dulce was one of those exuberant life affirming pups that just teaches us that life is a bowl of cherries even when you have ‘cherry eye’ a condition needing corrective surgery. I think that’s what Sarah and Isabel saw in this little demon – joy and spirit. We were delighted that Isabel came to one of our mobile Free Pet Vaccine Clinics to meet and adopt Dulce. Our clients many of whom are low income families from Contra Costa were enthralled to see this wonderful writer among them. It made their day!
    So – really – we’re sorry she is such a royal pain. But love is never easy!

    • Sarah January 24, 2013 at 1:16 pm #

      Dear Jill and PAW FUND,
      We absolutely ADORE Dulce. She is the love of the tribe! PAW FUND is amazing, thank you for the work you do.

  2. Florencia Victoria January 24, 2013 at 7:03 am #

    My dear Sarah… you missed my sweet is a… sweetness… and it is logical that you look in the mirror… If it’s beautiful! thanks that changed their you life to this dog… Hopefully in the world many more people give so much love and care these animals do not ask for anything and they give so much, hopefully soon learn not to make more pis in the… very pampered House sweet love dogs my Vinkyto is a Lord… pampered stash that worships they scratched him back… what I love…all this… Olvia already adopted it? or even seen that have occupied their ‘territory’ my Sarah linda dale a hug to Elizabeth already?… I love beautiful… write me! blessings!

  3. Norah Hurtado-Clarke January 24, 2013 at 1:59 am #

    Also, Isabel should spend as much time with Dulce as she can while the puppy grows to be a “teenager”. When she pees where she shouldn’t, immediately show her while holding her head pointing the puddle and tell her using a strong voice without shouting of course, that she is a very naughty girl. It worked with my puppy. Good luck Isabel, you are my favourite author, I have got all your books!

  4. Laura P. de Gordillo January 23, 2013 at 10:32 pm #

    Right now, at this point in both theirs lives, it is important to establish who the boss is going to be in their home. Like any child, Dulce will push Isabel to test her limits.Isabel might feel overwhelmed by the attitude. As time goes by and Isabel and Dulce both settle into their proper roles all will be as it should be. Good luck with that.

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