Doggie Update

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Isabel and her new puppy are—how should I say this?— pretty much a train wreck.

We all LOVE this dog, but wow, what a piece of work. Poor Isabel. She’s invested a gazillion dollars and a lot of paper towels. I think things are starting to turn around for the pooch, and she is settling in a bit, but it’s not been easy. There has been lots of shifting around, and strangers coming and going. Isabel went away shortly after the dog came to live with her, so it’s been confusing for the little dear.

Here’s a drawing my seven year old did of little Dulce, along with a photo of the sweetie working with a private trainer. The good news is that Dulce is a gem with the trainer. She follows, comes when called, sits, does tricks, etc.  Dulce behaves like a lady.  But as soon as the trainer leaves, she goes back to her unacceptable puppy behavior.  In the future the trainer is going to work with Isabel, although I don’t think she needs to learn to sit, come, stay and go pee. That might be the best route.

Dulce came from Paw Fund in Berkeley, California (my side of the bay; in fact, I’m the one who found her), and is being helped by Sue, a dog trainer with The Milo Foundation. We love both organizations and the work they do.

Here is what Isabel has to say about Dulce:

Dulce is a 5-month-old terrier of some sort and is full of energy.  She is not exactly beautiful, but she has so much self-confidence, she is so proud of her looks and sure of her charm, that she is a living lesson for any female. She looks at herself in the mirror and smiles. Not kidding. With that attitude, we hope that she will learn fast not to pee in the house.

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