Sure, There Are Bigger Problems….

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Have you ever tried to give someone a present? Maybe someone who is kind of famous? Maybe someone who has a little bit better taste (or at least more expensive taste) than you do? You know what I am saying, right? In short, what do you give Isabel Allende??

Let me tell you, it isn’t easy to come up with that perfect gift. There are flowers, but Willie is allergic, so they get tossed. There’s chocolate, sure, but the inevitable diet sees those put in a back cupboard pretty quickly.

Here’s a solution Isabel’s friend Ward Schumaker, a rock-star artist and illustrator, came up with. Art! Dangerous, I know…But Ward made this gift himself, and I think you will see why it made Isabel happy.

Handsome Willie!


Olivia the dog…looking a little grumpy.


P.S. Ward Schumaker was my teacher in college and he was a great teacher. It is definitely a small world…

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