Meanwhile, back at the office…

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We have the gardener, the plumber, the alarm system repairman, the painter, the fire sprinkler guys and two dogs. And yes, we have them all here at the SAME time!

Things just sort of happened, and I am pretty sure it all started with Isabel saying, “Let’s redecorate, this place looks terrible!” Hmmmm…..

So, it starts with a painter, who then notices a problem with the sprinkler. Then a door gets left open and we realize it isn’t tied into the alarm system. After that, we discover a drain isn’t functioning and is all backed up, and then the plumber comes out and says he needs the gardener to take up part of the garden, and wow…All the workers at once. It’s like an episode of Three’s Company but with the cast of All in the Family and Bob Newhart and a few from Bonanza thrown in for good measure.

Okay, I get it. There are real problems in the world, but here I am at the office at 7 pm and it is finally QUIET. No smelly workmen chatting me up about their favorite brand of power tool. (I mean, everyone knows Milwaukee is the best. Sheesh!)

So here’s my question…Did Isabel and Willie plan this? To be 3,000 miles away while all this was happening?

And here’s the clincher. I am staying at La Casa de los Espíritus whilst they are off gallivanting in the wilds of Chile, and guess what? The new elevator for the house is being installed for the entire month that they are gone! So at work there is chaos and at the house there is chaos. Which is worse? Hard to decide. Might actually be the house.

Take a look at these photos:

That’s my dad, he is pulling thin sheetrock off of Isabel’s door so that we can get into the room. It’s a little crazy that the workers covered a door!


This is my office, it’s full of ladders for the workmen to access the smoke detectors and sprinkler system then paint. I am listening to music and trying to ignore them.


And this is Lori’s office…we are a little jumpy from all the noise. That guy is covering the shelves with plastic FINALLY! We are also tired of dusting…..

P.S. We also a policeman in the office because the alarm guy, who was running a “test,” ended up setting it off for real. So there he was, a policeman, in the middle of all the workers. I do love a man in uniform; I just wish it had been a fireman!

P.P.S. Nico sent us this funny comic that says it all:

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