Fully Adjustable

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This is pretty cool, actually. Isabel got this dress form so that she can see what she looks like in all her clothes BEFORE she packs them. (For those not familiar with the fashion world, a dress form is a three-dimensional model of the torso.)

I know, most people just sort of throw some things in a suitcase— perhaps spread a little get-up out on the bed prior to an event, consider jewelry options, that sort of thing.

Not Isabel Allende. Nope, she actually had this baby adjusted to her exact proportions. The bust and the derrière (butt in French) expand or…ummm…contract to the exact size of one’s choosing. So cool. Here’s a picture of the dress form wearing a slip that you would NEVER actually see Isabel wearing, but because the form is EXACTLY her size and shape, you can pretty much get an idea of what she would look like in it. Like I said, so cool!

Another cool thing about Isabel: She packs just like Grace Kelley in Rear Window. Watch the movie again and you’ll see what I am talking about. Check out this photo of Isabel’s travel bag. Let me be clear: Isabel’s is the little black satchel NEXT to Lori’s TWO HUGE silver suitcases…Yep, that’s her bag for a month—an entire month—in Europe. I don’t know how she does it. She kind of scares me. Is it witchery?? Is she Mary Poppins?? I am not sure.

Bonus photo, I couldn’t resist seeing if they felt real.

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