Is That A Wig? or Bim Bam Bum

This post is also available in: Spanish


Isabel sent me a video link. “Perhaps you can use it for the blog, no?” A confusing statement for a stupid American…The link itself is confusing since I have NO idea what these Spanish speakers are saying, sadly; they speak so rapidly. I considered dubbing it in English but haven’t got the energy somehow. I have been a little under the weather and am just now well enough to watch (and re-watch) this funny wonder from the past. There are unmistakable gestures she makes here in this little video clip that are so purely Isabel I can hardly stand it, they are so endearing. The host of the show clearly wants to get into her pants…And what is up with Isabel dressed as a Vegas showgirl? What a stunning little thing she is. Watch and tell me what they are saying; Isabel hasn’t the time to fill me in. She is too busy—probably going to the spa since she isn’t writing…

note: Isabel appears 55 seconds into the video, it is worth the wait!

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